Friday, February 8, 2008

For the last few days, I have been in a totally grumpy mood. First, I see an article in a computer magazine Digit comparing the security of Linux with Vista and come to the conclusion that both are equally secure but if things go wrong, they will go more wrong in Vista. Hello Digit, can you get off the fence please? On one hand, you give reasons why Linux is more secure, explain the reasons, and then say in a round about way that Linux is more secure, but do not spell it out directly, as if afraid that you will lose popularity,(or perhaps will not get permission to distribute free trials of MS Office).

Then, trying to install Fedora from the DVD of that same computer magazine, my entire hard disk becomes unreadable, as a result I lose all the partitions and data (Ubuntu, Mandriva, SUSE, XP). Well Fedora, here you have lost a well wisher. The majority of the fault was mine, ( I pressed one Ok button by mistake, but Ubuntu, Mepis , and all the other distros I have tried give multiple opportunities to go back, and do not begin formatting at the first step. And I kicked the XP habit because it got corrupted during installation of updates due to a power cut. And now I have kicked the Fedora habit before even starting. Luckily , my first experience was with Mepis and Ubuntu, otherwise I might have clubbed all distros in the same basket. Ok, I had backups of most of my important files but stll....

Then, I reinstalled Mandriva. There is a reason behind this, my ISP Sify Broadband, gives only a rpm client for installation. Its files from source does not work. So, I had to choose a rpm based distro as the first choice. Then, that client is really crappy. It automatically stops after a few minutes. Therefore, as you can imagine, my distro was not getting updated. Furthermore, an enterprising open sourcer has made an alternative client, Supersify, but that needs Java to work. I got down to downloading Java, but the broadband client had a mind of its own, the transmission stopping periodically, and then when I go to restart the client, I get a message saying that the one version of the client is already running. Way to go, Sify, you are making great efforts to ensure people get tired of Linux. (BTW, this is the new better version of the client, the earlier version did not work at all). And they have the cheek to ask if my "software" is good! Time to leave Sify for good, I guess, but I may change my residence and go for a job elsewhere in India, so I have decided to change my ISP after that). Seriously, this is the difficulty of using Linux in India, not Linux itself, but stupid service providers.

And I miss posting, and checking out my mail and everything! So now you know why I have not been posting these last few days!