Friday, January 25, 2008

Jeff Jones at it again

When will the half truths of Microsoft end? While reading ZDNet, I came across a blog post stating that Jeff Jones, security director of Microsoft has again published a flawed study in which he compares the total security counts of Vista in its first year vs those of Linux distributions in their first year.
Of course, he does not mention how many of those were high risk, and how many low risk. Anyone knowing even a bit about Linux patches will see through the deception, Linux has a huge number of third party applications as well as low risk vulnerabilities that have no damage potential. What should be compared is the number of high risk vulnerabilities vs other high risk vulnerabilities, and that after dividing the vulnerabilities into OS vulnerabilities, and application vulnerabilities. Compare OS vs OS, application vs application. For OS vs OS, at least Ubuntu has a lower number of highly and severely critical vulnerabilities.
I do not know when this Microsoft FUD is going to end.Vulnerability counts are a horrible measure of measuring security. Yet they continue to publish their "studies". The only way to protect oneself, I think, is awareness. Get the real facts.


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