Sunday, February 25, 2007


You have a good anti-virus, congratulations. You are conscientous about spyware and have included a good anti-spyware. Further congratulations. However, you have to remember that all anti-viruses will miss something, and there is no anti-spyware which gives 100% results. This fact was borne out to me when, inspite using an anti-virus with an above 99% detection rate (the best in the industry), I found two malwares in my system on taking the Trend Micro online scanner. Therefore, I recommend that an additional online scan be taken for the syatem occasionally (every 7 or 15 days) so that there is an additional layer of security. It is to be noted that some of the scans just detect malware, but cannot remove them (e.g Kaspersky online scan), while some both detect and remove the virus/trojan/spyware (e.g Trend Micro).

Check out the following sites:

Trend Micro(scans and repairs files damaged by viruses, deletes spyware)

Panda (detects and removes viruses, and trojans, only detects spyware)

Bit Defender (scans and repairs files damaged by viruses)

e-Trust(detects and removes viruses)

Kaspersky (only detection)

Symantec (only detects viruses)

McAfee (only detects viruses)

F-Secure(only detection)

Please note that you have to run Internet Explorer for most of these scans.Also read the FAQ and EULA before scanning. You have to download a program of a few MB size and then continue.

Note: The scans may take a long time, so make sure you scan when you have plenty of free time.

Further IMPORTANT note: The online virus scans are a complement, not a replacement for your anti-virus. An AntiVirus having real time scanning is a must.


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